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The best subject is DT,i think moving toys was the best because we got listen to music while working. from ZACH Advertisements

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Hi guys it’s Thomas here. I’m going to tell you about what we did this week.Yesterday we started to make tapestries. They are in the style of William Morris. My One is of a great grey Wolf 

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Moving Toys

At school we made our own moving toys with Cams, Wood and other stuff. We used Glue Guns or/and PVA to stick everything together and painted it to make it colourful and exciting. My Moving Toy was two birds eating … Continue reading

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moving toys

Making our moving toys was really fun because we got to use saws and drills.  We didn’t do any lessons exept DT on those days.This blog is awesome. BY RUBY

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Creative afternoon

On the 07.12.11 our school had a creative afternoon.We had lots of activities like listening to our versions of the highwayman,watching our moving toys being worked and finding about this our class blog.We also had Victorian inventions, Victorian information and … Continue reading

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