my favourite things (especially Zingy!)

Hi everybody reading this, my name is Roise, (not Rosie). I love reading sequels or trilogy’s  more than short stories and playing with my cute little hamster. I got her on the 15.01.11 when she was 6 weeks old. She is a Syrian hamster and is about a year old now . She loves running in her wheel which is attached to her cage and gnawing at her bars to shorten her long teeth that never stop growing. When I am at school she sleeps all during the day but comes out to play in the afternoon. But at the weekend she is out all day and never stops playing. She is a great member of are family. Oh, I forgot to mention, her name is Zingy because of her go-faster stripes and she is a girl. I love her to bits!

From Roise


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I am Yussuf...hello
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